How Long Will My Fitout Take?

While our methodical approach to every project allows us to meet every client’s deadline, our final outcome will still exceed your expectations.

When commencing a commercial interior design and fit out, there is a lot to consider. Often, the most asked questions is:

How long will my commercial interior design and fit out take?

Influencing Factors
The length of time you need to allow is determined by a number of different factors which include the following.
Condition of the premises
  • Is there any demolition and strip out required?
  • Are the premises ready to occupy?
  • Are there sufficient services such as fibre connected into the building?
Size and complexity
  • Large and small areas require multiple trades.
  • A typical commercial interior design & fit out has 6-12 trades on site at any given time.
  • Building offices takes longer than creating workspaces or open plan areas.
Lead times
  • Is furniture being manufactured locally or overseas?
  • Are hard surfaces such as laminate or veneer stocked by the supplier?
  • Can long-lead items be ordered now or only when other elements are built?
Approval processes
  • Approvals are likely to include obtaining consent from the landlord, and a building permit from the council.
  • Are you changing the use of the building or external look (including signage)? If so, a planning or development application will be required.
  • Further information regarding building permits can be seen here.  Building Commission – Information on obtaining a building permit
The Time Frames
This is dependent on what properties are available and the amount of time you have to devote to searching. Our article Signing a lease – what do I need to think about?, mentions the effectiveness of employing a tenants representative. They can undertake a search of potential suitable spaces and advise you on the legalities. Alternatively, Bellfort can visit any shortlisted properties and advise on their suitability to your business.
Initial site survey will include a complete measure and assessment of existing building features. Your brief should incorporate a list of what you want to include in your commercial interior design and fit out. However, you may want to prioritise your list in case budget determines that some can not be included.
This includes a proposed floor plan, specification, costs and programme/timeline. The extent of this documentation will be dependent on a number of factors. Size of the space, the complexity of the fit out and information available contribute to the level of information required.
This will include developing the design and producing detailed information such as plans and elevations. Accompanying documentation should also include joinery details plus electrical, mechanical and, fire services. This information is required so you have a clear understanding of what’s to be built. It’s also used for obtaining consent from the landlord and for the building permit
Statutory consents for a building permit include obtaining a certificate of design compliance. Ideally, this is required prior to submission to council for a building permit.
Planning or development applications are dependent on a number of factors. The development size, change of use classification and amount of works required, determine if you need to seek planning approval. Your commercial interior design and fit out specialist can advise if you need to seek this approval.
This will be dependent on the size of the space, how many offices and type of finishes. A typical open plan 200m2 space with one meeting room and standard finishes can be completed in 4 weeks. A 2000m2 space with offices and high standard of finishes can be completed in 8-10 weeks. And a café, with new stainless steel counters and feature finishes can be completed in 10 weeks.

There is an advantage to you when Bellfort provide a complete turnkey commercial interior design and fit out solution.  Time, cost and quality are our focus. From design through to construction, we can overlap all the above tasks and save up to 30% of time. This is also accompanied with considerable cost savings together with our intense attention to detail.

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