Cafe Interior Design & Fitout

A café interior design requires careful understanding and planning. The Bellfort team prides itself on taking a thorough brief in order to understand what its clients want to achieve. Café interior design in Perth is exciting when created by the Bellfort team!

Considering this is a commercial interior space that many people will relax and enjoy themselves within, we need to get the basics right from the very beginning.

Repeat Offender Cafe

Cafe Design Concepts

There are two main areas of any hospitality interior that you have to get right.  Their relationship is symbiotic – one can’t function without the other.

Front of house
  • Your public face should be inviting enough to entice patrons and ensure they help spread the word.
  • A space that is stimulating and not confusing is ideal as people want to move through your café, restaurant or bar with ease.
Back of house
  • You must have a functional kitchen and preparation area that supports the level of service you are providing.
  • Storage should be maximised and readily accessible to limit downtime to your daily operation.

Does your commercial kitchen fit out provide the best result?

The nerve cell of any cafe is it’s commercial kitchen. Big or small, it must provide the highest quality service to every customer. Your commercial kitchen fit out should be designed to support your equipment, available services and ultimately, the menu you are offering. Everyday kitchen tasks should be performed efficiently for your business to thrive. Correct positioning of essential areas for food prep, cooking and washing will ensure quick service and staff productivity. Every commercial kitchen fit out we create is the result of understanding your business and the outcome you wish to realise.

Not all cafe fitouts and hospitality interiors are successful ventures. At Bellfort we strive to achieve the best results for all involved.

Café fitouts in Perth are one of our specialities and we create memorable interiors that people talk about.

Never underestimate circulation spaces, comfortable seating and adequate table areas as these provide the comfort that will encourage people to return and recommend your café. Visual impact or points of interest will also help people to remember your business and talk about it with others.

Kitchen, office and storage areas are vital to your trade and need to be adequately planned to provide the best working environment for everyone using the space. At Bellfort we also focus on the essential elements that will help make your café interior design a success and follow all statutory regulations.

Storage is one of the most underestimated commercial kitchen necessities. We take a keen interest in your storage needs, the people using it and the placement of it within the working interior. While every kitchen will have specific equipment requirements, planning and placement of these items will provide correct workflow and efficiency for staff, resulting in happy patrons.

The service area of any café, restaurant or bar needs to be effectively placed to ensure unity between public and back-of-house areas. POS facilities, display and location will allow for quick and efficient handling of all patron requirements and eliminate staff fatigue.

Services required for a café, restaurant or bar to function need to be carefully designed in order to ensure an uninterrupted working environment. Plumbing, air conditioning, extraction and lighting need to be carefully thought-out and coordinated so that they support equipment and functionality of the area.

Attention to detail and informed understanding of all essential services allows us to guide you through the design and construction phases and accomplish a positive and successful handover of your hospitality interior.

If you are in the process of starting your own cafe, bar or restaurant, read our case study on a cafe we completed for Repeat Offender Espresso. We’ve also published a case study on the Little Lion Cafe at the Perth Children’s Hospital.

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