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Office designs and layouts should not result in a space that’s a chore to sit in all day.

Properly designed commercial offices should be inspiring with a sense of play and interaction. However, they should also maintain the necessary practicalities, allowing you to do what you have to do. Office interior design in Perth is a Bellfort speciality. We provide inspiring and creative work spaces for every client.

An inspiring result for your business is what Bellfort achieve with every commercial interior design.

Our contact with industry professionals and understanding of Perth-based building standards, allows us to focus on superior office interior design and fit out. From small business office design to large corporations. No matter what your budget may be or the size of the space we need to work within. We believe every commercial office interior design project requires the basics such as:

A reception or entry point

It’s crucial to make the best first impression possible, whilst also creating comfortable point of contact for your business. This does not need to be a lavish space. The best reception areas are appropriately designed to represent your style of business. And keep in mind you don’t need to favour form over function.

A functional utility area

Fitted with the equipment that supports your business and appropriately positioned within your workspace. Sufficient storage to meet your needs, with minimal space for hoarding. Functional storage should be flexible enough to cope with business reduction and growth.

Meeting area

Meeting and collaboration areas situated within a workspace should encourage your team to communicate as openly as possible whilst also providing the option for privacy if required.  A space that accommodates audio visual presentations and meetings is important if you want to maximise work flow within an office.

Communications Hub

A dedicated room or discretely situated equipment within the working environment that enables seamless points of contact for all staff. Integration of communications within your office are vital for cost effectiveness and work efficiency.

These basic areas are then integrated with meeting facilities, offices and work spaces to suit staff numbers. It’s this integration point that can make the most difference to your office interior design.

Budget will often dictate what you will be able to achieve within your office interior design, your office fit out cost needs to match your budget. At Bellfort we believe the tighter your project budget, the more creative we have to be, small office design ideas always inspire our creative talents.

Kitchen Facilities

Adequate space to suit staff and social needs. This supports interaction among everyone and can encourage lifestyle changes to the benefit of all. Acoustics and functionality should be carefully considered when thinking about interior office design, placement of kitchen and breakout facilities within a working environment should enhance the feel of the office.

Meeting spaces
  • Some spaces can be fixed rooms dedicated to a certain use.
  • Flexible meeting spaces can multi-task areas. They allow you to incorporate a number of your meeting requirements within one area with minimal impact on adjacent working environments.
  • Offices don’t have to be constructed with four walls, creating a barrier amongst colleagues.
  • They don’t need to have the best view but be planned to ensure the best views are enjoyed by everyone.
  • Offices don’t even have to exist if they are not required.
Work spaces
  • Interior work spaces can be individual working areas, but they don’t have to be enclosed.
  • Work areas should be flexible to allow for expansion and contraction as required.
  • An ideal working interior should be energetic and interactive, supporting your business output.

Creative, contemporary office design is Bellfort’s speciality.

Ultimately, the end result will be an amazing space that we can hand over to you at project completion. Not only will you enjoy the space, your business will prosper within it for many years to come.

Our case study on a recently completed office for Western Environmental and Coterra Environment is worth a look. It showcases our design approach and highlights how we created an ideal interior office design for our client.

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