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Everyone has spent time in a commercial interior for education and learning of some sort. But not everyone can say it was a positive experience. At Bellfort, we have gained vast knowledge and understanding of every commercial interior suited to education and learning.

Our school & daycare interior design creates energetic and inspired learning spaces

School for Early Learning Fremantle

In particular, we have helped to create four vibrant childcare centres for The School of Early Learning in various Perth locations. The task of combining statutory requirements and a client’s ultimate dream is not always an easy one. We have however, learnt how to appropriately blend this combination.

When considering designing an interior for a child care centre, we understand there will be a need for specific spaces to suit specific age groups. Infants, toddlers and school aged children do not have the same requirements in relation to individual needs and statutory regulations. There are many different factors that must be considered in order to create a safe, compliant day care centre design that encourages inspiring growth and fun-filled creativity.

We have acquired a sensitive approach towards this specialised style of interior and each project we have completed has been very successful.

Our case study on the daycare design and architecture for the School of Early Learning in North Fremantle is worth reading.

The safety and welfare of our clients, and their clients, is our main priority when approaching any interior for education and learning. We always ensure that statutory authority requirements are met and surpassed wherever possible.

The facilities that we create for these specialised interiors need to be flawless. These commercial spaces also need an injection of warmth, welcome, fun and creative inspiration.

We are always willing to think outside the box to help create an exciting space for everyone to flourish within. Use of colour, location of interactive spaces and placement of fun elements will always make a difference.

Whether it’s staff working within this type of interior, parents briefly experiencing the space, or children spending time within this learning environment. Everyone should enjoy their time here and leave it with a sense of happiness and willingness to return.

We can create the perfect modern school interior design in Perth for you

We always deliver inspiring day care centre design