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10 weeks

Job Description

Being awarded the commercial fitout contract to create a mockup of an A380 airplane for the Department of Defence was an exciting endeavor. The project required a skilled team of carpenters and craftsmen. This was to ensure the end result of the planes interior was a like-for-like replica for training purposes.

Converting an existing 747 plane into an A380 required basics such as an additional floor and new windows throughout. Further to this, new galleys and bulkheads were installed to deliver the desired effect. Access to the upper deck was provided by curved staircases, recreating the same access as if you were on the actual plane. And, re-purposed seating was installed to finish off the interior transformation.

This A380 conversion was a mammoth task for everyone involved. It required a high attention to detail to ensure all of the RAAF’s requirements were met. And the end result is an achievement for the skilled people working on this project.

Extent of Work:

Building works – Creation of two decks with access via curved stairwells. New bulkheads and partitioning to create galleys, toilets and work areas. Installation of new windows to both sides of plane formed from glass fiber plasterboard. New flooring and interior finishes throughout.
Services – Coordination of all services and trades accessing the site.
Furniture – Modifications to re-purposed seating in order to create required seating clusters.

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