Spring has Sprung

Thanks for taking the time once again to read my famous commercial interior design & fitout blog. I appreciate it greatly and judging from my fan base, you are as well!

And how about this…mornings are getting lighter and your nose is probably dripping which means spring has finally sprung and the commercial interior design & fitout world is in a fresh frenzy, looking for new products and ideas. How are your ideas going? Anything you want to share? If you are looking for inspiration, check out our gallery.

Soooooo, what is fresh and new in commercial interior design & fitout?

What is totally springified and waiting to be discovered? Maybe your commercial interior design & fitout needs to be springed-up?

I’m not thinking fabrics, carpet or lighting because these can be big dollar items and my idea of getting springy doesn’t really factor in spending the big bucks.

It doesn’t even have to be green although I do like a dash of green in any commercial interior design & fitout when possible…more so the upcycled green side of things, as opposed to the colour. One of my mates Chrissy doesn’t have a kind word to say about green so I try to avoid it whenever possible.

So how about considering the following springy suggestions to get your commercial interior design & fitout in the mood…

A Dash of Spring Clearing

If that frowsy feeling is hard to shake and you just don’t feel very springspired, I think you may need a good dose of clearing. Or in some cases cleaning!

Some days, nothing beats that wonderful feeling when you get rid of the “useful” junk you just had to keep. It frees up valuable space that you can fill with whatever next takes your fancy. It gives you a breath of fresh air and even opens up options to reposition key furniture elements and possibly resurface some finishes within your commercial interior design & fitout.

It’s the easiest way to get that spring thing happening so give it a try. You’ll love it! However, if someone touches my collection of boxes – beware – I bite!

Commercial Interior Design & Fitout Springified

When I asked around at Bellfort HQ as to what typifies spring to individuals, I was sort of surprised with some of the responses I got. Apart from the blank stare from the Gov – which actually says “What are you on about Baxter, you nutter” – I was pleased to hear things like green, fresh, yellow etc. You know, the usual, which means I could possibly be the only crazy Bellfort employee.

Then, can you believe it, the Poohbah himself said, “I think it’s smell”. Well, well!

Which reminded the crazy designer that she hadn’t lit her candle today; which was promptly done, and we then had Persian spice aromas wafting through HQ. It wasn’t bad at all and got me to thinking that scented interiors can be way more meaningful and easier to recall than the unscented variety.

It’s easy to do as well, so here are a few Baxter suggestions to get any commercial interior design & fitout smelling springly:

  • Aromatic candles of course but be careful with their use. We don’t want anything burning down around you now!
  • Fresh foliage – flowers, grasses, leaves and so on. They all leave their own impression but be mindful that a runny nose, headache or itchy eyes are not the lasting impression you want to leave.
  • Open your doors and windows and bring in the outside air if you can. This morning we had garlic prawns that drifted in on the gentle breeze and it wasn’t too bad. It makes us hungry sometimes but the interaction with the outside air can be a good thing. Especially for all of you cooped up within four walls every day.

Colour me Spring!

Did you know that the spring colour forecast for this year is en plein air – basically, a toned down, softer version of open air colours. Some of you may have no idea what these can be so I thought I would share a few commercial interior design & fitout concepts with you.

  • A blue sky with soft pillowy clouds – mid-blue toned down with splashes of white.
  • A field of fresh wildflowers – multi-coloured patterns which have an emphasis on bright yellow, pastel pink and a shade of deep red.
  • A luscious grassed park with tall trees – different tones of green, including olive, with some cream and brown accents.

Rather poetic hey, but not too hard to implement within any commercial interior design & fitout. Give it a go and feel free to send me a happy snap of your result. I might even share it with everyone else.

I hope you understand what I’m trying to get across here regarding adding that little piece of spring into your world. A fresh outlook from any commercial interior space is easy to achieve with long lasting benefits. If you create a memorable interior of any kind, it will linger with those who can make a positive difference to your business. And that’s my ultimate goal within the interior design & fitout world. And if Bellfort can help in any way, contact us.

Plus, it’s a lovely sunny day today so I just wanted to spread the spring. I’m off now on my bike to go check out a few new jobs.

 Later, alligator!

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