Design & Fitout – The Importance of an Accurate Measured Survey

How many times have you heard the saying: “Measure twice and cut once”? Whoever made this pearl of wisdom up definitely knew what they were talking about. Because with commercial interior design & fitout, without an accurate measured survey, every process is likely to fail. And the result will be costly rework and time delays.

When viewing commercial space, plans are used to imagine “what could be” and provide ideas of how to use it. People often take these plans and think a design and fit out can occur based on the drawing. An assumption is made that the plan is accurately scaled and reflective of what is there. And that assumption is often incorrect.

Design & Fitout Accuracy

As design and fit out professionals, Bellfort never assume any plan we are given is correct. We always prefer to make the effort and personally measure each space no matter how big or small it may be.

And most of the time there are inaccuracies between the plan and what we are seeing for real. Often there are either walls missing or walls in place that are not shown on plan. And often there is furniture and big ticket items such as kitchens and associated services that are completely missing.

Getting the Basics Right

The floor plan of your commercial interior is what every element of your fit out is based on.

If the plan is not accurate, everything from the basic design to costings, services and accommodating all staff is in jeopardy. Yes, it may add some hours to the overall project when an accurate measured survey is done but these hours are invaluable.

When conducting a measured survey, we view the space holistically, understand it’s limitations and of course get a better picture, look and feel of what we are working with. To carry out an accurate survey, you just have to be methodical.

Boring as it may be, it will ensure you don’t miss any areas. Basically, you pick a start point and work your way systematically around the space.

Be Methodical

Don’t measure one wall and then a door on the opposite wall. Start with the walls framing the space then work your way in, including doors and walls. If you need to include furniture/joinery positions then get your walls measured first and then plot in the other elements.

Measure twice…if you have to

Work in millimetres as this will give better accuracy and always include the ceiling height. Note perimeter windows and whether they are full height or the height of the sills. Measure columns based on actual column size and then distances to the closest walls.

One thing this process provides is a visual inspection of the premises as you work your way around the space. We always carry out a photographic survey when measuring, and this ensures that any damaged elements can be brought to our clients notice before work commences on site. We even take note of fire escape advice and hydrant locations as this all must be factored into the design and certification stages.

And as you complete each area, you will of course be picking up any interior nuances such as bulkheads, steps and structural elements. All of which will of course have some impact on your design and fit out.

Get the Design & Fitout Basics Correct

So, is an accurate measured survey important – 100%.
And will it save you time and money in the long run – definitely.
Should you do it yourself – definitely not.

Let your design & fitout professionals cover this for you. They have the responsibility of producing accurate plans and documentation for your project so they need be responsible for this as well. And of course, if your designer or fit out contractor says they don’t need to measure, it’s time to look for a new one.

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