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Office refurbishment – Now is the time to tackle it!


We are all experiencing an unusual way of life during these Covid-19 times and business, for many, has been hit very hard. You may have had to close the doors and cease trading or staff may be working from home. Either way, you potentially have a commercial space that is unoccupied and empty.

Why not take advantage of the circumstances that your business is in and make the best use of this time? Perhaps, now is the best time to tackle your commercial office refurbishment.

Refurbishment of any commercial space is often a logistical nightmare, working within an occupied workspace. And working weekends or out of normal working hours can add extra dollars to an already limited budget. If you can, this is the perfect time to positively invest in your business premises. Why not give it a fresh, new outlook in preparation for when we are fully operational again.

Here are some office refurbishment suggestions to help make your business shine.

A Plain & Simple Revamp

Sometimes, making a few small changes to your surrounding floor, walls and ceiling will make the biggest impact. And when you consider that this may be as simple as painting, it quickly becomes an easy goal to achieve. Not only will painting remove wear and tear, it also gives you the option of creating a valuable new first impression.

Changing your interior colour scheme is often more beneficial than you think.

And how about replacing the chipped, stained or sagging ceiling tiles? This is definitely one of those jobs that you need a professional to do. Especially if it involves disconnection of any services. Plus, it’s always difficult doing this task when trying to position a ladder around working bodies. So, making these changes will be much easier now.

If you have your walls and ceiling sorted out, consider how you can refresh your floor. It may just need a good commercial clean. But then, it could be the perfect opportunity to change out some carpet, vinyl or tiles. This will also add interior longevity to your existing commercial fit out.

Fresh Facilities

All commercial interiors provide some form of kitchen and bathroom facilities that are used by everyone, every day. During this downtime, why not consider implementing the improvements you’ve had on your list for some time.

From changing out fixtures and fittings, re-tiling or reconfiguring the existing layout, Bellfort can help you do it. This could also be the opportune time to create end-of-trip or disabled facilities. Many of our clients ask us about planning these areas into their existing premises. And, in many cases, they are becoming an expected addition to every commercial space. And the work required to create this type of space is often noisy and disruptive. What better time than now to improve the facilities your commercial space has to offer?

Floorplate Efficiency

Do you always run out of meeting rooms? Is your reception area too big? Did you answer yes to either of these questions? Then now is the ideal time to get the experts in and work out the best configuration for your commercial interior. Many people simply “put up” with the walls that define their working environment. This often leads to inefficient workspace and potential loss of profit if it doesn’t support everyone’s needs.

Demolition and construction doesn’t need to be complicated. As professionals, Bellfort can talk you through office refurbishment solutions for your business space. Plus, we will carry out the work efficiently for you. We can prepare plans and documentation that will allow you to fully understand what you’ll be getting.

Investing in your commercial space and making it work for you will create another great asset for your business.

You may also like to view some of our completed projects here for further office refurbishment inspiration.

At Bellfort, we also ensure all work complies with the current BCA and Australian Standards. Plus we sort out all necessary approval processes for you. Ultimately, we make every commercial office refurbishment easy for our clients because that’s where our expertise lies. If you are thinking about refurbishing your workspace, give us a call and we’ll arrange a free consultation.

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