October 2014

Progress on our new office interior design has been made and even though we won’t be completing everything this side of Christmas, it is going to be well worth the wait. As we are implementing a lot of new and exciting design ideas, we need to make sure we get them right and to the standard we expect.

The interior is headed towards the outstanding. And I think there will be plenty of design features that will have people talking about them for years to come. I just can’t wait to be able to share more photos and information with you. But I’ll have to be patient and focus on our project work in the meantime.

Office interior design is a Bellfort speciality

A project we are currently building is near to completion and with a few other smaller projects occurring, everyone is working really hard. We have also started revamping our website so hopefully in the not too distant future you will see a fresh, clean new appearance that should please all. We even have a newsletter happening so Bellfort social media is growing and people are busy which is brilliant.

Office interior design is not something new in the design & fitout industry but we at Bellfort like to do things properly. Because of our commitment to excellence, we can produce a design that will fit your business and then build it for you. Basically, we are here to remove the stress from you and deliver a new interior with a high quality office interior design when you need it. Feel free to contact us and we are happy to discuss the process with you.

Some of our valued clients
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