November 2015

Well, the commercial interior design countdown to Christmas has begun! Bellfort are on track to meet a number of busy deadlines for our clients. This is always an industrious time of the year. Mainly because many commercial fitouts need to be completed and occupied before the holiday season. There are also supplier close-downs and deliveries to consider ahead of the festive rush. So it’s all hands on deck within team Bellfort.

Our Catholic Homes project is almost complete and this commercial interior design is looking fantastic. I’ll be sure to tell you more about this project in the not too distant future. And share photos as well of course. As usual, we have had a mix of smaller projects to slot in between our larger ones. This month has also seen us working on concepts for some interesting new projects for next year. Butchers, bakers, candlestick makers. If you have a commercial interior design that needs help, Bellfort are the people for you. We don’t just specialise in offices. We gladly take on any type of commercial interior and transform it to suit your needs.

Commercial interior design make-goods

We also complete commercial building and tenancy make-goods. Basically, reverting a tenancy to it’s original, but better, condition. And we have recently completed a complete design and fitout refurbishment of 62 Colin St in West Perth. This three floor building has been brought back to life over a series of weeks with major works carried out. All existing partitioning, ceilings, and joinery were removed and each floor is now flooded with natural light. Old floorcoverings were ripped up and new carpet tiles provide a stylish backdrop for future fitouts.

Extensive work was also focused within the toilet areas on each floor. They underwent a total refurbishment with new plumbing fixtures, surfaces, cubicles, flooring, lighting and signage. Demolition for each wet area was enormous but well worth the trouble. Any prospective tenant will be impressed with the end result. And I don’t think the building will take long to reach full occupancy. A high standard of base building refurbishment is sometimes overlooked by Landlords. But not at 62 Colin St. This commercial interior design refurbishment stands out amongst it’s peers.

We are really proud of this project. If you would like to read more about commercial interior design make-goods, you may like to read our recently published blog ‘A Bellfort make-good is never bad’.

And, if you have a building that needs some special Bellfort commercial interior design assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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