May 2016 Bellfort Latest news

Interior design and fitout by Bellfort is steaming straight ahead this month!

The Bellfort team have had an astounding May!  Essentially, its due to the high quality of commercial interior design and fit out skills we bring to every project. And I’m not just boasting – it’s a fact because our clients keep telling us.

Interior design and fitout skills win new projects for Bellfort!

Every day has been jam-packed with construction, designing, detailing and meetings. And nobody is complaining because we are loving what we are doing. We’ve also been awarded a number of new projects this month:

SLS Accounting – relocation to Ventnor Avenue
Doray Minerals – relocation to Hay St, West Perth
Department of Agriculture at Perth Airport – new first floor work space
PCYC Midland – interior refurbishment of existing facility

And we continue to present design and fit out proposals to other potential clients. Yes, we are busy but not to the point where any project or client is being left unattended. If anything, our continued review and refinement of Bellfort processes helps. This way we ensure we achieve a streamlined, professional result with every project we touch.

This is achieved by team effort and everyone one of us is proud of our contribution.

Another Successful Handover!

We successfully handed over our MyLeave project in West Perth this month and it looks fantastic. Our client was great to work. He also continues to speak positively about our transparent processes and different approach when it comes to creating commercial interiors.

We specialise in creative interiors!

This 479sqm tenancy is located at 50 Colin St. It was transformed over a period of six weeks into a vibrant and functional space. Work areas, offices and meeting rooms blend easily with each other. And storage is maximised discreetly in order to minimise impact of the tenancy’s workable footprint. Corporate branding and first impressions had to support corporate values.  They also provide a welcoming interior for people within the different sectors of the construction industry.

Each individual work space is equipped with a large format desk, mobile storage, pinnable screen and soft wiring. Ergonomic seating is placed throughout the space including meeting rooms and offices. There are randomly placed collaboration areas and quiet room for private conversations or time-out. This office interior design embraces the open plan working environment concept. And this interior still provides personal space for each staff member.

Our next project is in construction and receiving the usual Bellfort attention to detail. This new interior is for Western Environmental and Coterra Environment in Prowse St, West Perth. This space is being transformed in order to accommodate the co-location of both of these companies. We are creating custom designed decorative panels to form a feature within the entry and boardroom area. Thsi panels will help create an outdoor feel within an indoor space. Something that echoes the environmental focus of both companies.

The Bellfort design process makes the difference

We will be bringing you photos of this project and many others soon. In the meantime, if you would like to check out our gallery, please click here. Likewise, to keep reading about the Bellfort process regarding commercial interior design and fitout, you can read this BLOG.

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