Little Lion Cafe Interior Design & Fitout

A unique, award winning interior design and fitout for a new cafe within Perth Children’s Hospital.

Created for the fundraising arm of the Children’s Hospital, the PCH Foundation is immensely proud of this new enterprise. And they are very eager to share this special space with the Perth community.

This project delivers a high impact interior with a high level of finishes and attention to detail. Feature illuminated Corian trees portray a warm sense of style. Their illumination helps to embody the mystical essence of the ‘Tree of Life’. Graphics also pack a punch and put this cafe on the map. A combination of illuminated signage, window film and frosted foliage ties all elements together. It also ensures every person entering the interior is embraced.

Beyond the public space the rear kitchen area is very efficient. It’s generous enough to accommodate equipment and flexible enough for future growth. The Little Lion Cafe is another successful Bellfort interior design and fitout.

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