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Well “hi” from me – Baxter from Bellfort. I love commercial interior design and fitout!

My interior design and fitout blog is starting to gather some loyal followers who obviously appreciate the finer opinions I share when it comes to commercial interior design & fitout.

I think they also enjoy my roguish wit and humour – or so I think!
I have to honestly admit that I’m sitting here writing my blog and I’m a happy chappy. Why, I hear you ask? Well, life at Bellfort is simply good and when I think back over the past year and all of the great work done by the team, I can’t help but be happy. In fact since it’s coming up to the end of the financial year and possibly a period of reminiscence for many of you out there, I thought I would do a bit of reminiscing myself.

Commercial interior design and fitout by Bellfort is full of WOWS!

Now, people who know me do realise that I can go on, and on, and on so I’ve limited myself to sharing the past twelve months of WOW to twelve snippets of fun-filled and smile-enhancing moments. Take a seat and get comfortable because you are not going to want to put this blog down…

1. WOW

Did you know our guys are not only pro-builders and people who make our crazy designers’ ideas work, they are also pro-golfers (or so they may choose to think so). Ok, so they aren’t pro’s but they can do darn well as a team when they are playing together at a charity golf day. They won! And I’m sorry that I’m still surprised that they did but it does make me say WOW!


You may recall me sharing information on one of our projects a few months back. It was for the School of Early Learning in North Fremantle and it was situated within a heritage listed building.

The project turned out fantastic and everyone involved was really chuffed with the outcome of all of their hard work. Well, it won an award for conservation of a heritage place for institutional purposes. Fantastically this is a very big WOW.


Another project we at Bellfort completed with a flourish this financial year was for CGG in West Perth. The complexity of each floor was huge but we got through it and definitely showed the real team strength of Bellfort.


Happy clients!

We not only had a very happy client at the end but also a group of very talented professionals associated with the project that could not help but smile and feel an amazing sense of satisfaction regarding their contribution. Now that doesn’t happen every day (or even every month) in the commercial interior design & fitout industry so you have to acknowledge it as a WOW. And well done to everyone involved.


We at Bellfort go from one commercial project to another but this year also saw us tackling a new office for ourselves. Our designer excelled herself with bending the brain waves and squeezing out a unique interior design that has not been seen anywhere else – at all! And even though many people working on the project may have wanted to bend that particular brain a bit further so it couldn’t dream up more weirdness – hey, it worked boys… and there is always plenty more to come out of that brain.

Our HQ pad is definitely a WOW.

5. Groovy WOWS

Anyone building a business understands how hard it can be and in these days of technology, our life is readily consumed by social media. The Bellfort team has been working hard on updating, revising and bringing to all of our loyal followers varied social media platforms that are interesting and not always following the norm. It’s not something that happens overnight (as Chrissy is often heard telling the grand poohbah) but consistency and attention to detail helps drive interest and more work our way. We continue to build followers, update our look and we are proud of the information content we are sharing with the world. And dare I say it but Baxter’s Blog on our website is pretty popular.

6. Half Way There WOWS

I’ve mentioned our new office already but within it we do have a number of unique features that are Bellfort inventions. One of the main features is the Bellfort Doorwall. Kind of breaks your head thinking about it but when you consider you create walls from doors, it makes sense to call it a doorwall.

The overall textured effect is outstanding and people who visit are drawn to it, not always realising what it is. I think people may have thought we were nuts (or at least that our crazy designer was) when we started our hunt for doors that were destined for the tip but you have to admit, our upcycled doorwall is outstandingly WOW. Check out more photos from our project gallery.


The Bellfort team are commercial interior design and fitout supremo’s. And they also enjoy giving back to the community and helping where it makes a difference. Late last year the boys donned lycra (OMG), saddled up their bikes and participated in the Ride to Conquer Cancer. This ride supports the Harry Perkins Cancer Research Institute. The guys cycled over two days in pouring rain (Sean was in his element!) in October last year. Over $14,000 was raised. And the fact that they were able to stop and do head stands and cartwheels when they finished is proof of the Bellfort stamina. It also wins the “sore butt” WOW.


The financial year is drawing to a close. While everyone is predicting doom and gloom, we are choosing to say a quiet “YAY”. Our current workload will support us until this time next year. I think that’s outstanding and proof that we are doing the right thing by our clients and suppliers.

Thanks for your call!

We continue to get repeat business and enquiries are coming in much stronger. I guess our identity is increasing steadily. And, to the lady who called to complain about our radio advertisement, it works in a WOW way, hey!

9. WOWS Almost There

At Bellfort, we like to test the boundaries and enjoy the challenges that all projects offer. This year is seeing us take on challenges that wouldn’t normally appear in a commercial interior design & fitout. One of our projects has a lift installation which will span three floors of the Catholic Homes building. Another will have us installing a mezzanine floor within a warehouse/office scenario for Stonewest. Wonder what new challenges will be coming our way next. WOW!

Just think Swiss cheese!

The Pointy Side of 11 WOWS

Another Bellfort invention this year was the Nail Table. You guessed it – a table made from nails. This all came about because the boys left nails they were using on a bench. Then along comes our crazy designer who took a shine to them. Have to say that the end result is stylishly sharp and of course, a WOW.

Saving the Best 12th WOW for Last

The Bellfort team of course! We are professionals in each of our fields and we work well as a team. We also really enjoy what we do and have loads of laughs every day, no matter what. I think the recipe may be that we have respect for one another and choose to see life in a positive way. Of course this helps us achieve the best commercial interior design & fitout work in Perth. Who knows, next year we may just blow your socks off!

Hip, hip hooray to Bellfort and bring on the next financial year!

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