Let’s Plan Your Office Fit Out

Research shows that 25 percent of most office space is not used to its full potential. Have a look around the space you work in and if you’re cramped or have areas that just don’t function effectively, Bellfort Office Fitouts are the people who can solve this problem for you.

Planning Your Fit Out - Getting it Right the First Time

Underutilised spaces can create major setbacks when it comes to office productivity. But don’t worry as our talented team are here to help you eliminate this issue. In the early stages of our design and fitout process, we take the time to listen to your requirements. And we plan your new working space which maximises areas of functionality and purpose.

As professionals, we see the planning stage as being integral to every office fitout project.


For example, you may have an idea of using workstations you’ve seen elsewhere. Will they fit the space of your new office and allow you to accommodate the staff you have? Are they available within your project timeline? Do they work with your budget? Simple questions but potential deal breakers if your answer is no. The key to a stress-free office environment that you, your clients and staff appreciate, lies in the early planning stages. And we always focus on getting this right.

When approaching the look and feel of your office fitout, the first thing you will notice is everyone has an opinion when it comes to colour and pattern. There is great information across social platforms and publications that discuss latest trends and options available to the consumer. Having access to this information is invaluable but keep in mind it needs to be thoughtfully considered before making final decisions.


Office fit out trends are not timeless. Trends are fashion.


And what is popular today may not be something you want to see in in your workplace in two years’ time. Trends do however open our eyes to exploring new colour and pattern and can give you confidence when choosing pops of colour to enhance your interior. And client focused areas such as reception / entry spaces and lobbies are great for adding accents. This can be done with seating, artwork and other decorative elements which can be changed out when you want to see something new, without breaking the bank.

Your Safety is First for the Interiors we Create

Working with a professional will ensure your office is fit for business for everyone who enters it. There are specific planning guidelines and ergonomic requirements for all aspects of an office interior. At Bellfort, we understand what safety criteria needs to be met and we plan your working environment to not only meet your brief but also all Australian Standards. We also have the experience to recommend finishes appropriate to your specific needs which may include antimicrobial surfaces, high performance fabrics and environmentally friendly options.

Business as Usual

Whether you’re approaching a new office fitout or renovating your existing space, the planning stage must look at timing to ensure your business deadlines are met. When selecting furniture and finishes, long lead items may not work with your programme.

We believe in an open conversation about project timing with our clients so that you are fully informed at all times.


You may be happy to wait for a few special pieces. But if major items such as workstations are going to delay your move in date, we need to look at alternatives that still fit your budget, style and timing.

And when it comes to renovating existing work spaces, we can stage works that allow you to remain operational. It may mean there are temporary relocations required but this doesn’t mean business downtime. At Bellfort Office Fitouts, we will plan this with you and ensure your new fitout or renovation is streamlined and completed efficiently.

What You See if What You Get

When planning your office fitout, we are here to take your brief, plan your space and deliver your project on time and on budget. We take pride in listening to you and understanding your requirements because if this is wrong, you won’t be happy with the end result. We love creating commercial office interiors that motivate employees and enhance efficiency. So if you could use our expertise, get in touch and let’s work on your project together.

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