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Is your commercial interior design & fitout helping to fill your vacant property?

As a commercial property owner, it’s often a difficult task to attract the right kind of tenant. Maximising returns on your commercial interior design & fitout is your priority. A vacant tenancy is never going to earn its keep. Bellfort can offer professional advice and assistance by enhancing the potential of your commercial space. Essentially, we can improve your property’s assets and help entice tenants to occupy the space.

Our focus is on commercial interior design & fitout.  We know and understand the elements required to produce the perfect end result for any client. To do this, there needs to be a strong base building to work with. This will support flexible use of the interior space and optimise all services.

Your commercial space should allow all prospective tenants to view the interior as if they are already occupying it. Possession is nine-tenths of the law and once people mentally commit to a space, the deal is virtually done.

However, we know there are often factors that can prevent prospective tenants from moving into your empty space.

Factors to be considered and acted upon are:


Minimal budget – overall impact

Marketing a commercial space that is fully partitioned with a dated style can restrict many from seeing its potential. This doesn’t mean we think everything should be stripped out! Quite the contrary. Sometimes, simply opening up the floor space will make a difference to the overall first impression. When Bellfort review any tenancy on behalf of a building owner, we enter the space representing them. We have an understanding that budget is minimal. But the overall effect of the commercial interior design & fitout required must be maximised. We can provide a floor plan with recommended works and associated budgets. This way you can make an informed decision about what work you may carry out on behalf of any tenant.

Is your space compliant?

If the interior space was planned some years ago it may not be compliant with current BCA regulations. This can often add dollars to building owner and tenant budgets as building certification requires compliancy. And today’s accessibility requirements don’t just mean a door width is larger.  There are many different factors involved. Assessment of any commercial interior is an involved process. If the building envelope is sound and facilities compliant, this can reduce further works on behalf of the building owner. Bellfort can provide a review service in relation to BCA requirements and produce a report on your commercial space. We can also prepare budgets for required works so that you are fully informed prior to any tenant lease negotiations.

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Building Services

Mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and fire services are essentials within any commercial interior design & fitout. And they are also big dollar consumers. If services were previously installed for specific zone-usage, odds are they won’t suit any new layout within the space. All of this can add costs to your bottom line as the building owner. These services may need relocation, refurbishment or even replacement prior to any new tenant moving in. It’s often the hidden elements of any interior fitout that are costly and services can be a deal-breaker. Bellfort can review all building services and provide a factual report on their current operating standards. Plus, we can recommend any works that you should consider.

First Impressions

Making the most of that valuable first impression is something you can’t underestimate when it comes to attracting people to your property. Sometimes, refreshing common areas like lobbies and entries may be as simple as a new coat of paint. Sometimes, you will want to go that extra step. This can include end of trip facilities, lift refurbishments and new floor-coverings and ceilings. Whatever the scope of work you feel is required, you should ensure it will be of value to prospective tenants. But you also want to guaranteed a financial return. We can help you prioritise a scope of works and clarify costs to ensure profitability.

You may like to check photos of some of our completed projects on our Pinterest page.

How can Bellfort help you, the building owner?

Bellfort will provide an advantage for any building owner in their quest to lease or sell commercial space. Like a property health check, we can review your commercial interior design & fitout with our team of interior experts. We can then provide you with the factual information and budgets. Essentially, this allows  you to make an informed decision about what you need to do to fill your vacant property.

Contact us if you would like to make a free, no obligation appointment to discuss your property’s health.

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