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Is your commercial interior fit to be seen in 2016

Hey, it’s me, Baxter! Back again with a new year ahead of us and full of discovery when it comes to the world of commercial interior design and fit out. Don’t you just love it? I get excited when I consider all of the interesting opportunities that will come our way. And I can’t help but share my special kind of Baxter-joy with you. Thinking about the New Year did get me to thinking about commercial interior design and fit out, of course! My brain cells then went down the track of starting fresh and putting your best foot forward. And then I stopped and asked a pivotal New Year question….

Is your business tenancy fit to be seen in 2016?

My guess is that most people would say “sure”. And then hope nobody notices the dodgy door handle or peeling window film down the corridor. Gotcha! But don’t despair because Baxter from Bellfort is here to the rescue. With a few hints and positive tips to start your business tenancy’s new year off with a blast.

And yes, I may be sounding a bit super hero at the moment, and that may be a hint for things to come, but I’m not saying anything more on the subject, okay.

Tired and dull commercial interior?

You don’t just need a Berocca. You need to get a bit down and dirty before you can become fresh and interesting.

If you get no vibe from your commercial tenancy, a fresh coat of paint may make a huge difference. Not only will this clean up the wall surfaces, it’s also a great opportunity to inject new colour in your life. And it doesn’t have to go from boring brown to hyperactive tangerine. Keep in mind that sometimes the subtlest of colours can provide an energetic feel to any commercial interior design and fit out.

Broken and bleeding?

Trust me, Band-Aids aren’t gonna do the job here. You need a 2016 reality check. If you find that there are broken bits of furniture that you thought were worth keeping – just in case – GET RID OF THEM!

If you haven’t used them by now, you aren’t going to. So, be strong and throw them out.

If you find that you do have elements of your commercial interior design and fit out that need some help,take action. Items such as a loose door handle or carpet that may be lifting. Now is the time to have them repaired. As long as the basic structure of these elements is sound, you don’t need to replace them. Fixing them will most likely be cost effective. And once done, you will wonder why it took you so long to get around to them in the first place.

Lost in commercial interior space?

Are you sick of looking at rooms, alcoves and useless spaces that don’t get used to their full potential? You might even have fleeting ideas about how to convert these useless spaces into something quite functional but it all seems too hard.

Well, Bellfort may be the people you need to call in order to make sense out of your inner space and get it earning dollars for you. It might be that you could use this waste of space in a manner you hadn’t even thought of. Our crazy designer always has loads of hair-brained ideas up her sleeve, so why not give us a call and see what we can do? Or check out our project gallery to see some of our completed work.

Spaghetti anyone?

So how many of you have cables strewn all over the place, creating spaghetti heaven for everyone? How hard could it be to tie up those loose ends and disappear what could be a potentially hazardous situation?

Well, Simon says that it’s the easiest thing in the world to do and you can even have people do it for you.

You know? People who know what they are doing.

Loads of commercial interiors have this issue. From retail to offices and even down to healthcare facilities, you will find that although technology allows our equipment to become more streamlined, the infrastructure supporting it is often neglected. As Simon says, it’s easy to rectify and he’s only a call away – although you have to call me first to get his number.

So these are a few of my tips for helping to make your commercial interior design and fitout fit to be seen in 2016. You know, if you take the time now and see to those annoying little tasks, the rest of your year could be astounding! Give us a call and let Bellfort help you enjoy your tenancy’s potential. We can even send our groovy guys out to give your tenancy a health check if you like. Give us a call and we can make a time to do it.

HNY to all of my fans!

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