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Commercial Interior First Impressions

So, today I really want to talk about commercial interiors and in particular, reception or entry areas leading into your commercial space.

I’ve often jumped out of a lift, scared the whatsit out of someone walking past and then wondered where I’m meant to be heading to. Have you? I mean, I’m standing there (yes, I’m chuckling about the fright I just gave someone – can’t help it!) but I can’t see the company I’m meant to be visiting.

No sign, no light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t do well with dark and gloomy.

Catholic Homes reception space

Come in and take a load off....

Anyone visiting your commercial interior wants to find it easily and without drama.

Drama generally means stress and a glowing appearance which is not that desirable.

The entrance into your interior should be welcoming, reflective of your business and something you are very proud of. You have after all paid for it so you should like it…right?

And I’m not necessarily talking large, marble and gilded gold reception areas. In fact, quite the opposite because you want people to feel comfortable. I also know that some of the most successful interior reception or entry areas are quite low-key but very functional.

Where to start with your commercial interior first impression?

A commercial interior question and answer

The answer to this question is – with yourself.

The style and budget of your reception area or entrance lobby should be based on your requirements, vision and buckeroonies you want to spend. My main point here is if some wacko designer is pushing you to accept something you don’t like or can’t afford, tell them to take a hike. Then give me a call!

Seriously though, design elements within this space should support your company’s branding and create your identity.

It may be a colour on the wall or it could be the finish on a desk or chair. It might even be a feel as people walk through the space. An example of what I mean is a resource company that may have graphics on walls or floors depicting an underwater illusion because they are focused on deep sea exploration. And while this might sound complicated and expensive, it ain’t. You just need a creative approach and willingness to think outside of the norm…Norman.

commercial interiorcommercial interior designoffice interior design

A bit of budget friendly oomph

More bang for your buck!

Other cost effective ways to create an impact on first approach is with film and graphics. These days you can do almost anything regarding signage, colour and pattern. Plus you are not limited to applying film to a wall only. Feel free to put clouds on the ceiling and grass around columns with fish looking up from the floor. The mind boggles – according to our crazy designer’s mind!!

Furniture also makes a big impression, especially if chairs are uncomfortable or tables and desks clutter the space and make it messy. One thing a client will always remember is if your chairs are uncomfortable, so don’t leave a long-lasting negative memory if you can avoid it. Sinkable seating is embarrassing for some people to get out of easily, and while an old timber crate may suit your business, splinters in the bum won’t.

You can always check out our project gallery for more ideas!

Overall, the first impression into your commercial interior design and fitout is what people will leave with, when thinking about your business. Make it appropriate and make it work for you regarding budget, timing and identity.

And if you are still stuck, give ‘ol Baxter here a call and I’ll sort ya out.

Waiting for your call….

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