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Baxter from BellfortHo, ho, ho, from the commercial interior design & fitout world…it’s Baxter from Bellfort and I’ve left your gifts at home. And I’m a poet even though you thought I didn’t know it! What?

When it comes to the commercial interior design & fitout trade, life is never dull, especially when you factor in the old dude in the red suit and your deadlines. At present, Christmas is about to hit you in the head and you’re not sure if you can duck in time. Am I right?

Well, my surprise commercial interior design & fitout gift to you is not a designer rug but some Baxter wisdom to help you survive the “We have to be in by Christmas” dilemma. Much more valuable than any colourful warp and weft. So let’s start unwrapping.

Silent night, hello is anyone there?

Time is ticking and you are finding it difficult to get people to respond to your questions and further still, commit to deadlines that need to be met. What do you do?

Firstly, you need to acknowledge that some people are commitment-phobes and no matter how many times you ask them when they will be finished, their answers just get more and more obscured or they just don’t answer you at all.

The best way to tackle this is to ask them when they would like to receive payment. Odds are their eyes will light up and they will mutate into one of Santa’s little helpers. No do, no dollars in Baxter’s world, so bingo….problem solved.

Dashing through the commercial interior design & fitout snow on a two-reindeer sleigh

I know, a two-reindeer sleigh may not be efficient, I get that. But some people don’t, and won’t bat an eyelash when under-providing at this time of year.

Just the other day I bumped into one of my old chums and discovered he was off to do battle with someone who had supplied a table top without a base. It didn’t make sense to him because you can’t have one without the other, so I spread my smile and tried to calm my buddy down as best I could.

Some things to keep in mind over the festive season is that people can go a little crazy and sometimes forget about what they are meant to be doing. Were both table and base shipped from the same supplier? Did someone miss loading the base onto the delivery truck? Was the base damaged or awaiting replacement? No matter what, there is always an answer to something not being as it should and if you keep your cool and manners, you will achieve a solution.

Deck the approv-alls with words of jolly
So all you need is a sign on the commercial interior design & fitout bottom line, hey? This is sometimes easier said than done and at this time of year, it sometimes feels impossible.

There is always an approval process when it comes to commercial interior design & fitout. It might focus on a lease, licence application or financial approval from a far distant land. Either way, it’s going to factor additional time to your pending deadline and you need to be aware of it and work around it if necessary.

Always keep in mind that lease negotiations and ensuring signatures are in place, can be quite lengthy. Especially if building owners are not local. And if they are overseas and out of contact, you could be jiggered. Communicate well with your leasing agent and clarify any time constraints that all parties involved may be faced with. This way you are aware and can make decisions with more confidence.

Council application periods will vary depending on what you need. A straight forward building licence takes no longer than 10 working days. Planning approvals can be quite lengthy, possibly months. Your fitout professional should be able to advise you accordingly.

Commercial interior design & fitout O’ Christmas free

Yes, it’s the silly season but does that mean everyone has to hike up their costs just because Santa is on his way? Baxter thinks not and anyone who does this just isn’t playing by the rules in my book.

And my book is briliiant! So if you want to read more from it, check out more of what I’ve written by clicking here.

You may have had your eye on a certain piece of furniture or accessory for ages. Now, with your Christmas bonus tightly in fist, you’ve decided it’s time for your heart’s desire to come home with you, only to find its price has escalated. Not good! And you hear it’s because of new stock – blah, blah, blah!

So, what are you going to do?

Always keep in mind that you shouldn’t shoot the messenger as the person you are speaking with may not have anything to do with what you see as highway robbery. So don’t yell at them. In fact, don’t yell at anyone because it’s not going to do you any good. This is the moment when the decision is entirely in your hands. You can choose to shop around for a better deal, wait until the NASDAQ smiles your way or change your mind completely and look for something entirely different. Either way, you don’t have to submit to un-Christmas-like trading. And don’t forget to tell your friends about it too!

Well fans, I hope I’ve helped you through some of the commercial interior design & fitout Christmas conundrum. And as it’s really hot this time of year, keep in mind that next time you want to holler “Jingle bells, where the hell is it”, it may just be right around the corner.

So, have a fantastic festive season. If you want to make sure you keep up to date with all of my latest blogs click here to sign up. I’m now off to give the old dude in the red suit a hand with his two-reindeer sleigh!

Baxter at Bellfort

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