August 2014

Bellfort equals commercial interior design

Here at Bellfort, we are all about delivering the best projects for our clients. We are still busy with a variety of commercial interior projects ranging from 200sqm up to 2000sqm. Exciting times ahead in the commercial interior world!

Have you seen our socials?

Check out our new Pinterest site when you can. It showcases a number of new boards based on many of our completed commercial projects. There are lots of interesting design ideas too. We’ll be adding to these boards and creating new ones with various images and information. All related to commercial interior design projects and work we are doing. When you are done checking out the Bellfort Pinterest page, why not hop on over to the Bellfort Facebook page. Here you’ll see a large variety of posts. They range from site photos taken on our commercial interior design jobs to interesting articles. There is also shared information relevant to any commercial interior design. And we have a Google+ site as well as a LinkedIn page.

I guess you can say we are trying to cover all avenues of social media and you would be right! It’s the way of the world these days. Have a look and let us know what you think when you have a free minute. Easy access to all of our social media is at the bottom of this page.

Commercial interior design for Bento Mee

Here is also a photo of a recently completed take-away and dine-in restaurant in Hocking. A very cost effective yet stimulating solution for our client and we have had a lot of positive feedback. This commercial interior is located on the perimeter of a new shopping centre. It definitely attracts attention from passers-by and local patrons to the shopping centre.

Colourful interior solutions!

Colour is featured quite strongly in the front-of-house area. This is mainly due to the use of orange, red and black water-jet cut decorative steel panels. The back-of-house area is a full blown commercial kitchen. It incorporates a cool room and various Asian based cooking equipment. Stop in and try some Bento Mee cuisine when you are next in the Hocking area.

Hop on over to our project gallery to see more images. And if we can be of any help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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