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Design & fitout of any commercial interior can be a minefield of unfathomable journeys. Here at Bellfort we always aim to make the process as clear and stress-free as possible for our clients.

We’ve compiled a number of frequently asked questions which will help answer some of your own. If however you have further queries, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to oblige.

Q1 – Where can I obtain design & fitout images?

Firstly, you can check out our gallery page on the Bellfort website.

Alternatively, you can view lots of different images of completed design & fitout projects and ideas on our Pinterest page – click on the icon at the bottom of this page.

And a meeting with our designers will allow us to tailor a design to fit your commercial interior space and requirements. This can include visualisations and sample boards of specific interior elements to suit your requirements.

Q2 – How much space do I need for my new or expanding business?

This can vary based on current and future staff numbers, how you want to use the space, whether you’re interested in open plan or more cellular spaces, etc. Rather than using space calculators we recommend you have us take a look at your current space and let us assist you in the search for your new space. You may also like to read some of our other blogs related to this topic.

Q3 – How much does a commercial design & fitout cost?

This is dependent on a number of factors like:-

  • The type of finishes you are looking for
  • Number of rooms or offices
  • Quantity of facilities and meeting rooms
  • Location and access to the tenancy
  • Current condition of ceilings, floors, airconditioning and electrical services

This list could be never-ending so we recommend you ask for help from a commercial design & fitout professional like Bellfort, to ensure you cover all the essential elements. You may like to read one of our blogs that specifically talks about costs related to a design & fitout here.

Q4 – How long will it take? How quickly can tradesman be on site to start the fit-out?

Depending on size and complexity of your design & fitout project, between one to three months. See our blog on our processes for more information.

We pride ourselves on quick responsiveness and flexibility and endeavour to fit your timeframe.

Q5 – How do I create a green and environmentally friendly space?

We are a member of the Green Building Council of Australia and pride ourselves on offering energy efficient and sustainable solutions. We can provide advice on setting up a green space. Just ask.

Our designers also consider “green” principles at the onset of each project they tackle. Whether it be recycling, upcycling or working with existing elements, there is always a way to make an environmental difference.

Q6 – What legal and landlord consents are required?

All commercial interior design & fitout projects must be compliant with current Building Regulations and local council requirements.

In Western Australia, any works that have an effect on egress, increase floor area, involve a change of use, or effect the way a building complies with Building Standards means that the owner/tenant must obtain a building permit. In addition, any works over $20,000 need to be carried out by a licensed builder. For further information regarding this, please read through the attached document. Building Commission – Information on obtaining a builidng permit

If the use of the building is changing, is in a conservation area, heritage listed, or any external works are required, then planning permission or Heritage Council building consent may also be required.

In addition to statutory consents it is also likely the landlord of the building will require you to submit detailed drawings, specifications, insurances and details of each contractor carrying out the works. Often works cannot commence without the landlord giving permission. Also you need to be aware of your dilapidation responsibilities at the end of the fit out i.e. putting the space back to how it was when you took possession.

As part of the commercial design & fitout process, Bellfort can deal with all of the above on your behalf.

Q7 – How can I finance the office design & fitout?

For budgeting, tax or business strategy reasons, some clients may not want to pay for the fit out up front and instead, obtain a loan over a period of one to five years. We are happy to provide some more advice on this in relation to your specific commercial interior project if needed.

Q8 – When do I have to commit? Do I have to employ Bellfort to undertake all of the work?

Subject to the project size, complexity, budget, and timeframes we will present an outline design & fitout cost proposal at no cost, or commitment from you. Once you agree to work with us we’ll ask you to sign a letter of intent which enables us to proceed to the next stage on the assurance you will underwrite all costs for moving forward with the design and ultimately the construction once all final costs are agreed. If you instruct us to proceed with the detailed design and then cancel the project you will only pay the cost of the time our team has spent on the project to date

Q9 – How do I look after my new Fit Out?

We understand how exciting it is to move into your new fit out and that you want to make sure it always looks it’s best. With this in mind, at the completion of every project, we provide you with an operation & maintenance manual. Within this manual, there is information regarding care and maintenance related to finishes and fittings within your new space. Some of this information will include practical tips on how to care for the following items:

There is also information on caring for fabrics and surfaces. Plus, we ensure every item specified for your project is suitable for commercial use and appropriate for your particular business.

Please feel free to contact us and we’ll work with you to provide further information regarding any questions you may have regarding your commercial interior fitout.

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