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Baxter’s Interior Fitout Q&A at QCI

Yes, it’s Baxter from Bellfort once again with my latest blog regarding all things related to commercial interior design and fitout. You know me, I can’t get enough of this commercial interior design palaver. And I especially love commercial interiors because I think they allow a person to expand an idea and create a reality.  I think I’m almost sounding poetic here!

As you know, I am the Bellfort go-to and get-around little guy. You may also know that I just love to harp on about interior fitouts completed by our top-notch team. They are a busy bunch of people and create incredible spaces for our clients. So, back to my harp-on comment. This time I thought I would turn the tables on one of our clients and ask them to share their experiences of working with Bellfort. Sort of like an interview – yeah.

And I still get to hear my own voice!

You may recall that we completed a commercial office fitout for QCI Bookkeeping not so long ago. Our lovely client Veronica very kindly agreed for me to interview her. And I don’t think she could believe it when I first made contact. After all, it’s not every day that a star-studded interior fitout dude like me asks you for a favour. I’m sure she was feeling a bit of my glow following our interview. So, put your feet up and get cosy in preparation to reading this Q&A at QCI…kind of catchy, hey?

Knowing you have just been through the commercial interior design process, tell us if you had any concerns or hesitancy prior to starting?

I was nervous as I had this big, bare concrete room and I wasn’t sure where to start. Richard was so inspiring with his ideas that I knew whatever my requirements, Bellfort would do a lovely job.

Can you tell me what process of the fitout may have been the hardest?

The first drawing was a shock – Jenny had created a life-like image of what my office could be, so very different than I had imagined but also practical and perfect. I did not have to give any time or energy to the construction, approvals or programmes which was a relief. I wanted to stay focused on my business and that is exactly what happened.

Were there any design concerns or construction issues that were challenging?

The original layout of the desks concerned me as they created partitions between everyone. I realised there was an entire wall that could be utilised. Working with Jenny and Richard, we decided to wrap the desks along and around the walls and put up colourful pinboards so everyone could personalise their work space.

Did you feel your brief was fulfilled – were you listened to?

Jenny and Richard listened to all of my ideas and then added their own ideas and experience until we had the perfect solution, every time. I also paid attention to Richard and Jenny’s advice as they have done this many times which helped with costings, budgets and creativity.

Is the final result what you expected? Were there any hidden surprises?

The final result is amazing – people walk past my office and then walk backwards to have another look in. They come inside and comment on the colour scheme and the use of space, even though we have maintained a practical setup. Accountants have been coming out from the city to see where I have set up too. They say they are so pleased to know they are sending their clients to a professional bookkeeping environment. There were absolutely no hidden surprises.

What is the most positive aspect about having Bellfort complete your interior fitout?

The Bellfort team took care of everything; they saved me from making costly mistakes. When I had queries, Richard or Jenny always responded immediately. I told Richard “this venture felt like I was stepping off a precipice and Bellfort had been like my parachute – bringing me in for a very gentle landing!” The very first day I opened the doors to my office a doctor was at the door waiting to come in and said, “this place is fantastic!” and signed up as a client immediately – sensational result!

Can you describe your new office to me?

The office is 77sqm – we have a small sitting area at the front which is partitioned by a wall of half glass and half plaster. The glass is glazed with my business logo which also restricts viewing into the data processing area. The desks have been designed to allow plenty of room for documents to be spread out for processing. I have a sectioned area at the back of the office that gives me some privacy but also allows me to see everyone working, as well as see through to the front of the office.

A creative and functional commercial interior design

This allows me to freely communicate with my employees. A small table and chairs where I can sit with a client or visitor are also in my area. Also next to my area is an enclosed office for privacy, if required, for challenging payrolls or other requirements. There is a massive amount of storage for client files; our work is in the ‘cloud’ but some businesses prefer to use lever arch files for documents so Richard and Jenny created plenty of storage to accommodate everyone. All storage is lockable for client confidentiality and security. There is also a small kitchenette with a lunch bar that is really funky.

“I love going to work in my office!”

Now, that’s what I call a cool, Baxter interview. A very big thank you to Veronica for sharing her thoughts with me and I guess you can say that this interior fitout project is yet another successful example of what the Bellfort team can do for you. And it you’re keen, check out our project gallery to view other completed Bellfort projects.

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