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Don’t fence me in

Commercial interior design ideas, concepts and intentions are something that everyone has. No matter if they feel they have no notion of anything to do with design. Basically, we all have likes and dislikes when it comes to colour, texture, styles and so on. So next time someone mentions that Mr or Ms X “Have no idea”, it’s that someone doing the talking who is clueless.

What does test the commercial interior design boundary is when it comes to thinking outside of the square. Being willing to explore how red may react with green or discover that vinyl floorcovering actually looks great on the ceiling.

This is where the majority of us give up and leave design and decision making to the so called experts. Odds are the result you will end up with is an interior space that follows traditional design philosophy. And definitely doesn’t have any momentum when it comes to making those design boundaries reverberate.

Lesson #2 – certain shades of red and green look fantastic together

And lino covered ceilings should be the next style trend

So, why do we rarely venture into unchartered commercial interior design territory and defy the commercial interior design gurus?
Why do we surround ourselves with “Designer Brands” and paint our walls teal when we dislike teal?

Perhaps we’ve been conditioned to follow the advice of the experts and not buck the system when it comes to creativity. Maybe most of us just lack the confidence to trust in our judgement. More to the point, be comfortable with our own personal choices. Working in the commercial interior design industry, I see too often, clients who have been led by someone else’s personal preferences and there is no sense of their own identity.

Their interior may look “on trend” but not reflective of the clients business or corporate culture. And worse still, it may be devoid of the human element that allows us to relate to what we see and feel.

Your commercial interior design should work for you – not the designer

I believe this may be a result of design laziness and unwillingness to ask “Why not” and to keep asking it until you get an answer that is either the solution or a comprehensive alternative that allows you to be bold enough to stand out in the crowd. But still be true to yourself.

There is always an easy solution to any commercial interior design and a lot of today’s professionals do take a less strenuous route to project handover. But don’t despair! There are still catchments of creativity out there with the ability to listen to what you need and understand what you want. Dare I say that we at Bellfort fall into that category.

So when it comes to creating a commercial interior design for you – allow yourself to step outside of the square, pull those fences down and explore what works well for you and what doesn’t. As long as you meet all statutory regulations for your interior, there is nothing stopping you. Listen to the advice of professionals (especially if you are paying them!) and allow yourself to query anything that you don’t understand or agree with. A true design professional will listen to you and work with you to create what you want.

At the end of the day, your design fence boundary is in your hands. Be confident, brave and comfortable when it comes to creating your own commercial interior design and tell the fence makers to take a hike!

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Confession of the day – I believe there are suitable methods to using all colours – even teal.

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