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Well, you got the topic of my latest interior design & fitout blog right? It’s been a while I know, but why not join me on our pub-crawl and see what new info we can uncover? Let’s take a stroll through the rambunctious restaurant crowd and avoid the brawl at the bar next door. What’s it all about I hear?? Hospitality, by golly……and how we do bar design here at Club Bellfort!


That’s got a bit of a ring to it I reckon. Might have to run it past the Grand Poobah himself and see what he thinks of the venture. But, back on track now, Baxter Boyo. Today, I want to share a few quirky tips and tricks that you can apply to your bar design and knock everyone’s socks off as you do.

Interior design and fitout concepts to make your bar buzz

Bear with me here as I ponder the finest interior design and fitout tips I can offer when it comes to creating the best damn bar you can find!

Baxter’s bar design tips … 1-5 with a tickle

Tip #1 First Impressions
I know I’ve rattled-on about the valuable ‘first impression’ rule numerous times, but consider this chums:- If your bar isn’t banging enough for people to notice it – they won’t come in the door.

Do something to make it pop with signage, lighting or even a quirky deck. Ahoy me matey’s

Tip #2 Comfort Counts

Now, I’m not suggesting beds in your bar – they call that establishment by another name. I’m talking seating, lounges and booths that people can settle into. Interior lighting that sets the mood. You want people to stay and spend, right?

Tricky Tip #3 Know Your Customers

Not too personally of course! But understand their demographic. If 75 percent of your patrons are female, don’t design your bar to look too blokey.

Likewise, if most people coming in the door, favour blue collars, go easy on the bling.

Tip #4 Sound Waves Dude

Set the scene with audio. If you want it to be ‘Country Fried’ break out the Dolly Parton. Or, you might want it to be ‘Jammin’ with Bob. The main thing you don’t want is echo and reverberation. Although we appreciate working in a bar can be really noisy, people simply don’t want to hear it.

Ever been on a date and just wanted to split that joint but the interior layout was too cluttered to beat a hasty retreat? Not that it’s ever happened to me, but I do think you need to consider furniture placement and POS locations.

Everyone (staff and patrons) should be able to move through the bar interior easily and find what they need.

So how are you going to make your bar fitout stand-out from the crowd? If you take on board my suggestions, you don’t have to spend big bucks to achieve a point of difference. You may even like to read another blog we have which focuses on fitout costs to give you a better idea on where your dollars need to be spent.

Keep in mind these tweaks can be easy on the purse strings and still pack a punch. Give one or two a go for starters and I reckon you’ll be calling me soon after for more of my wisdom. And hey, you can check out our design processes by heading over to our interior design page.

Chug a lug!

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