Art %art (pardon me!)

Baxter’s back and cooking with gas in the commercial interior design arena…so to speak. My blog is hip and happening and today’s topic is art. Essentially, the different kinds and how you can use it within your commercial interior.

As you know, art comes in many different forms, shapes and sizes. And I have to say, I think a lot of people get it wrong when it comes to choosing it. I know, I know…I can hear you telling me that art is a personal choice. But hey, I am self-opinionated as you know and you either like my quirk or you don’t. So, here are a few Baxter beauties that you just have to know when it comes to commercial interior design.

Picture, picture on the wall of your commercial interior design

You’ve no doubt heard the saying – a picture paints a thousand words.  And you know what, it does. The thing is though, a picture doesn’t have to be something drawn and framed in my eyes. It doesn’t have to be priceless. And it doesn’t have to be produced by someone who is well known in the arty %arty world.

Photography, murals, prints, mosaic and anything else that you may choose to hang on a wall is art. It can be as a single item or a series (a “tryptich” is three pieces hung together by the way).

Some people like a landscape; some prefer a portrait. Baxter however loves the abstract. Predictable, yes. Boring, NO! My main point here is that whatever you choose to hang on a wall, should be something you actually like. Art should reflect us and if we feel comfortable with what we are displaying then it works. No matter what form it may be.

Bend me, shake me

I quite like sculpture and the ability for an artist to portray an enormous amount of emotion. Especially emotion in what may just be an out-of-shape blob of metal. Sculpture should be encouraged and placed in more interiors than perhaps wall hung pictures. I also think people are more hesitant to use sculpture because it’s often considered to be more snooty. Take it from me, it ain’t snooty unless you make it that way. I should know because I am the king of non-snooty.

Sculpture, like most art, comes in different materials, shapes, colours and sizes. I love papier mache (and not just because Arthur Bellfort is my best bud!). Love, love, love the flexible ideas of layering, texture and colour. I’m also very open to exploring the unexplored. For instance, we’ll soon be showing you original artwork made from recycled paper coffee-cup trays for a project. Crazy? Possibly, but that’s what our crazy designer does now and then.

So, let your hair down and think about how sculpture in your commercial interior design can bring it to life. Or, give me a call and Arthur and I will come and help you out.


Not just any old building, hey? Some buildings are complete forms of art and I love the fact that this type of art form can be walked through, sat and worked within. It’s total interaction with man and I love it.

Art in architecture can be created as part of a building’s structure. It may be a carving or selection of building materials that provide the focal art-point. This form of art has been with us for many centuries and when you think of Petra and Palladio, you come to realise that you aren’t too unfamiliar. Some may think that modern artists are not able to create art forms through architecture but I think that’s a lot of boloney. Its occurring right next door so take your blinkers off and have a look.

Bits and pieces

Have to admit I’m a bit of a bits and pieces fan and think there is a place for these tasty elements in any commercial interior design & fitout. The ability we all have to add some decoration in the form of ornaments, vases, soft furnishings, flora, and so on is easy. Easy enough for anyone to do. So there are really no excuses when you think about it. You just have to be willing. And these days, there are large homewares outlets that literally display bunches of knick-knacks, already coordinated, to suit your interior. So…JUST DO IT!

This is after all how you can personalise any space. Give it your signature and make it fit your style. Whether it’s funny little critters on your desk, colourful boxes that help with storage or even a flying cow – bits and pieces are all good, don’t forget it.

I quite like light fittings and I really love the effects they can provide when it comes to commercial interior design. Lighting, textiles and colour are all good art forms that can help create a mood within an interior. Lights can create shadow, reflect images and provide colourful backdrops to other art pieces. It’s really versatile.

Textiles allow us to incorporate sight and touch really well and they can be used anywhere. Fabric doesn’t have to be limited to seating. Wall panels can look really cool and they provide a softening effect with acoustic benefits. Fabric can be applied to ceilings, it can be used as a splashback (with an appropriate waterproof covering of course) and it can create a room division. Given the many different patterns and textures available, it’s not hard to set the scene with the use of fabrics.

Colour takes me to my happy place. We are surrounded with colour every waking minute and for those of us who dream in colour, it never leaves us. A splash of colour here and there is often better than hanging a framed artwork that you think people will like. Colour lets us share our personality without being too ballsy. It can tell us when we need to be quiet, when there is danger and when we have entered a happy zone. Colour is also possibly the most economical art form so go find your own happy place.

Commercial interior design is looking good at Bellfort

Well, that’s it from Baxter once again. I hope you’ve enjoyed my commercial interior design art insight. By the way, did I tell you I’m not a connoisseur? I’m not art-ificial either. Get it?!!

Cheers big ears

Baxter at Bellfort

P.S. If you would like to comment on any of my blogs, please do as I’d love to hear from you.

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