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Commercial Office Design & Fitout

Once again Bellfort are in print with an interview in the Australian Business News Source magazine.

This interview focuses on the growth and establishment of Bellfort within the design and fitout industry. They are a small, somewhat boutique commercial office design and fitout company in Perth, WA. Yet Bellfort are definitely serious contenders in the Perth market. They have completed numerous commercial interior fitout projects. From an A380 training plane to creating a remarkable office interior for a global resource company. No commercial office design or interior fitout appears to be beyond their capabilities.

Another successful commercial office design and fitout was completed for the School of Early Learning in North Fremantle. This project required a sympathetic approach to the heritage listed elements within an existing building. Another happy, ongoing client for Bellfort. And another cap in their feather when it comes to commercial office design.

Exciting achievements for this creative company

One of the most exciting achievements for Bellfort since their establishment is the finalisation of their own office in Subiaco. The office itself is an amazing expression of their collective talents. While many interior elements required specialists to execute them, the overall interior is outstanding. It’s jam-packed full of interesting features and fast becoming a drawcard for many. Passer’s by are frequently drawn to this creative space. Some even venture inside, take photo’s or just wander around the interior. Always admiring the many different design aspects. This office interior has certainly put Bellfort on the map. Not only in Subiaco,  but firmly within the design and fit out community.

Click here to view the PDF version Bellfort_ABNS interview.

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