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The Bellfort Advantage

As Bellfort’s focus is on commercial interior design and fitout, we consider that we know and understand the elements required to produce the perfect end result for any client. No matter what tenancy they may be looking at. With this in mind, we believe that we have the expertise to provide the Bellfort advantage. Helping property agents during their quest to lease or sell commercial space in their portfolios.

When it comes to commercial interior design and fitout, how can Bellfort help your clients?

The right decisions need to be made when it comes to matching a client with a commercial tenancy. Decisions such as space allocation, staff numbers, building facilities and timing all factor equally in this process. A commercial interior design and fitout professional can help save you time and money by advising on best fit scenarios and outcomes.

Bellfort offer a complimentary service to all property agents who may benefit from our expertise.

We are happy to be involved at the onset of the property search for your client. We freely offer advice and assistance whenever we can. We are also available to accompany you and your clients to potential commercial properties. Our experience helps identify strengths and weaknesses for each space and how each will work best for them.

Workplace evaluation is not something that most businesses undertake prior to searching for their premises. It is however vital to securing and matching the correct space to the business involved. This can be done by compiling space audits to review space efficiency, utilisation and opportunities for rationalisation. These are all important points that can impact on any budget.

Bellfort is happy to work with you and your client to develop a brief that meets your business needs as well as your timeframe. Deadlines are always going to drive any property commitment.  At Bellfort, we pride ourselves in providing relevant information in a quick turnaround.

Once a commercial interior space is determined, we can prepare concept plans and sketches. This blends all client brief requirements and demonstrates how the new space will work with their business. Budgets can also be compiled based on the design concept. This ensures all parties involved are aware of their commitments and can agree on the fine print.

Bellfort is happy to prepare notional plans for any tenancy you may have that is vacant and waiting for the perfect occupant. Notional plans allow any prospective tenant to see a floor plan that works within the actual space. Plans indicate rooms, open work areas, communal areas and facilities that can be comfortably accommodated within the perimeter. A notional plan will not be the exact plan a prospective tenant will end up with. It will however, allow them to mentally step inside the space and feel it work for them.

We can also provide notional plans in whatever format you need. You may wish to display them on site, upload them to a website or link to an email. Just let us know the format that works best for you and we can do.

Bellfort understands commercial interiors. We willingly work with property agents, not against them. Our complimentary service is aimed at supporting the property industry and assisting wherever possible to help get the best outcome for all parties involved.

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