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Office Design & Construct

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8 weeks

Job Description

Bellfort’s HQ required a practical and comfortable office fit out to use as a base for all staff. We also had a requirement to use the space as a showcase for clients. A need to display evidence of our innovation and attention to detail. Because of this, our creative talents were put to the test and we came up with the perfect result.

The interior is packed with a lot of original design elements that are unique to Bellfort, and have not been seen anywhere else. The main feature is the perimeter wall cladding constructed from spliced hollow core doors. The textured effect of the doorwalls is aesthetically balanced with vertical and horizontal elements such as storage alcoves and cupboards. Furthermore, the innovative doorwall cladding has added benefits of thermal and acoustic insulation.

Upon entering the office, you’re enfolded within a perforated glass fiber plasterboard cocoon. In contrast to the plaster, the space is softened with a curved in-built upholstered lounge that welcomes every visitor. Concrete benches flank the length of the work space and randomly situated alcoves provide valuable space for open and closed storage. Three main desks are crafted from solid jarrah and supported on cable reticulating legs.

As a result of the many implemented design features, this office is a visual feast yet remains very practical and provides a calming work environment.

Extent of Work:

Building works – Demolition of existing partitioning, ceiling and floor surfaces. Refurbishment of concrete floor and installation of meeting area platform. Installation of the unique doorwall surfaces with integrated storage and services. Creation of curved glass fiber plasterboard walls and ceilings.
Services – New lighting, power and data to suit floor plan and placement of equipment and storage alcoves. Installation of new plumbing services to support kitchen area. Modifications to existing mechanical and fire services. Installation of CBUS controls for lighting and AV equipment.
Furniture – Custom built joinery to doorwall modules, kitchen and storage areas. Free standing, custom-designed timber desks with acro props. Task and visitor seating with custom built lounge. Mobile and height adjustable meeting table trio.



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