Commercial Property Search & Evaluation

To help you make the right commercial interior choice when it comes to your business footprint, Bellfort can assist with your property search and evaluation. Property search and evaluation provided by Bellfort takes the hard work away from you, allowing your business to continue uninterrupted within the perfect fit commercial interior.

The Bellfort commercial property search process

When approached by our clients to help with property search, our first task is to understand your business. We also do a bit of number crunching regarding staff, future growth, equipment and storage. However, we don’t rely on software that spits out cold data. Our process is more personal and hands on. We prefer to ask you questions and view your existing working interior before looking at new tenancies. This way, there is a better chance of future-proofing your working environment and achieving your goal in a cost effective manner.

Commercial property evaluation

When viewing a commercial property with our clients, we commence evaluating the premises from the kerb. This is because accessibility and first impressions are elements you need to get right. When entering the tenancy, we then look at the overall space in terms of best fit for your business requirements plus the state of existing services and how they will support your fitout. We also investigate compliance issues and fitout guidelines to ensure what you want to create can be created. While cheap office space might sound like a great deal, if you have to invest too much time and money to make it work for your business, it soon becomes a deal breaker.

All of these stages are of equal importance and have a symbiotic link with each other.

Prowse St, West Perth

Workplace evaluation
  • Assessing your needs in terms of space, location, building type and budgets.
  • Compiling space audits to review efficiency.
  • Identify opportunities for rationalisation of space.
  • Understand and evaluate hidden features such as services, access compliance and end-of-trip facilities.
  • Working with you to agree on a brief that meets your business needs and timeframe.
Property search and evaluation
  • Accompanying you on potential commercial property visits to carry out initial design evaluation and to assess suitability with your business.
  • Providing you with a realistic, notional floor plan so you can see how your business fits within a tenancy.

You may like to read our 10 Successful Steps to a Commercial Fit Out blog for further information.

Bellfort’s focus is on creating the best commercial fit out for your business.

Each company is unique in it’s own way and not every space you view will be suitable. We work alongside our property agency partners to locate suitable commercial premises that offer the best fit for your organisation. We also have access to use property search sites such as Commercial Property Guide and Real Commercial.