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Commercial interior refurbishment is something that Bellfort completes really well. Small or large project size makes no difference to us. Our approach to every commercial interior refurbishment is the same. As a licensed builder, creative designer and a highly skilled professional team, we also have many years experience. All of which is of practical benefit to our clients.

Bellfort commercial interior refurbishment

Because we do have many years of knowledge, we believe in sharing this whenever possible. Our useful information blog category is topic-full of advice. Starting with budgets, timing and processes, we talk through subjects related to commercial interiors. And, we include further information regarding the creation of new interiors. We also provide facts regarding our credentials and professional associations. Bellfort are commercial interior specialists and our focus is always on customer service and our clients. A result of this is our willingness to provide help and support throughout the project duration. Our website is the perfect go-to when contemplating a new interior for your business. Coupled with our hands-on experience and knowledge, you can’t go past what we have to offer.

A Bellfort make-good is never bad!

Every commercial interior design and fitout has a shelf life. No matter what commercial interior your fit out occupies, you will at some stage have to consider a 'make-good' at the end of your lease. ... read more

Your Business Footprint

Because Bellfort is an interior design and fitout specialist across all sectors, we really understand that too little or too much space can be a major problem and hurt the hip pocket. With this in min... read more

Bellfort’s Comments Policy

Here at Bellfort, we are commercial interior designers & fitout contractors. We love getting comments on our blog. We aren’t however keen on getting comments which are purely to advertise unrelated ... read more

The Bellfort Advantage

As Bellfort’s focus is on commercial interior design & fitout, we consider that we know and understand the elements required to produce the perfect end result for any client. No matter what tenancy ... read more

Bellfort Handy Q&A

Any commercial design & fitout can be a minefield of unfathomable journeys but here at Bellfort we always aim to make the process as clear and stress-free as possible for our clients. We’ve compile... read more

Landlord Lowdown

The commercial interior design & fitout sector is an area that continues to expand and contract, being driven by market fluctuations and corporate desires that essentially effect your property. read more

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