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A commercial builder willing to share a lot of information is not something you will find every day. Bellfort however, is always very keen to keep everyone updated on what we are up to. On a daily basis we are completing commercial design and fitout. And we are also fundraising enthusiasts and a team of people who enjoy what we do, getting the most out of what life has to offer.

A commercial builder with a keen eye on what lies ahead

Our regular ‘In the News’ posts appear on our website’s blog page. They are also shared via social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn. As a commercial builder and design professionals, our content is mostly based on our projects. However we often feature the Bellfort team and share updates on what individuals have achieved. This can include fundraising efforts and social events. Our social gatherings usually give everyone a laugh and demonstrates that while we work hard, we know how to relax as well.

August 2016 Latest Bellfort News

August is almost over and while some of us are still feeling the after effects of the City to Surf event on Interior design by Bellfort the weekend, it hasn't impacted on the Bellfort commercial inter... read more

July 2016 Latest Bellfort News

July has almost been and gone and I hope you have enjoyed a healthy start to the new financial year. While some people may be sprouting doom and gloom, over here at Bellfort, we are choosing to look o... read more

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