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Design & Fitout comment from Baxter’s Blog

Baxter from Bellfort is obsessed with design & fitout. To the point that it’s pretty much all he writes about…ever. While he works hard every day, checking on all of the Bellfort design & fitout projects that the team are busy with, he still manages to find the time to share his original point of view on many different design related topics. He’s non-apologetically cheeky however, he always has the best intentions. And he is never opposed to sharing information that others have shared with him.

Baxter strikes again

Should you be wary of what you tell Baxter? Of course not! He will always put your thoughts and feelings to good use and add an interior design & fitout twist that gives everyone a smile. From travelling the Perth roads on his colourful bike, Baxter also learns a lot about the design world from his surroundings. There is never a dull day in the world of Baxter from Bellfort.

Let’s talk about the ‘B’ word

When it comes to commercial interior design and fitout, you can’t go past the ‘B’ word. It’s an integral part of the process and will actually steer the end result without you knowing it. What... read more

Give & Take in the Design & Fitout World

Hello fans……it’s Baxter from Bellfort again, talking about all things to do with interior design & fitout because that’s what we at Bellfort do every day, 24/7. Really! I actually know that mo... read more

Spring has Sprung

Thanks for taking the time once again to read my famous commercial interior design & fitout blog. I appreciate it greatly and judging from my fan base, you are as well! And how about this...mornings a... read more

Art %art (pardon me!)

Baxter’s back and cooking with gas in the commercial interior design arena…so to speak. My blog is hip and happening and today’s topic is art – the different kinds and how you can use it withi... read more

Not a cushion scatterer!

This time round, I want to tackle a subject that is close to the heart of what we do at Bellfort - and that’s design. Commercial interior design to be more accurate. It has really come to my attent... read more

Baxter’s Interior Fitout Q&A at QCI

They are a busy bunch of people and create incredible spaces for our clients. so, back to my harp-on comment...this time I thought I would turn the tables on one of our clients and ask them to share t... read more

Like WOW!

Well "hi" from me – Baxter from Bellfort. My interior design and fitout blog is starting to gather some loyal followers who obviously appreciate the finer opinions I share when it comes to commercia... read more

Yes, please | Thank you

Thinking of commercial office design brings me back once again to say "Hello – Baxter from Bellfort is back", and today I want to talk to you about something that seems to be lost on many occasions ... read more

Allow me to introduce Roy G Biv

Colour influences every aspect of our waking life and in many cases, our sleeping too. Apparently if you dream in colour you are meant to have heightened senses. Goodness knows how they would interpre... read more

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