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Design & Fitout comment from Baxter’s Blog

Baxter from Bellfort is obsessed with design & fitout. To the point that it’s pretty much all he writes about…ever. While he works hard every day, checking on all of the Bellfort design & fitout projects that the team are busy with, he still manages to find the time to share his original point of view on many different design related topics. He’s non-apologetically cheeky however, he always has the best intentions. And he is never opposed to sharing information that others have shared with him.

Baxter strikes again

Should you be wary of what you tell Baxter? Of course not! He will always put your thoughts and feelings to good use and add an interior design & fitout twist that gives everyone a smile. From travelling the Perth roads on his colourful bike, Baxter also learns a lot about the design world from his surroundings. There is never a dull day in the world of Baxter from Bellfort.

Commercial Interior First Impressions

So, today I really want to talk about commercial interiors and in particular, reception or entry areas leading into your commercial space. I’ve often jumped out of a lift, scared the whatsit out ... read more

Gender Bender

Howdy doody folks! The world of commercial interior design and fitout is still hip and happening over in Bellfort-land and of course I’ve been meddling and commenting where I probably shouldn’t ... read more

It’s getting HOT in here

Well, I hope you have survived summer. Given it’s now autumn, I’m looking forward to things cooling down and my bike seat not scalding my backside. And given I’m out and about trawling our hip a... read more

Get your office fitout brand on buddy!

Got an office fitout happening? Got your business branding sorted for that office fitout? Given the silence I’m hearing you may be wise to read through my pointers below because ‘ol Baxter here kn... read more

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